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We ensure that we uphold the GAP Standards

land Preparation

Land preparation begins a few months before we start planting. With this, we ensure that all lands are clean, fertile, and ready to be planted. We ensure that all equipment is washed and regularly serviced to avoid any unforeseen oil and diesel leaks that can harm the growth of the land.

seedling phase

Seeds are treated and planted in December/January that will grow into a seedling. This process takes 5-6 months to be ready for replanting on the land. Seedlings are treated with care during this period and taken out when ready to be replanted.

planting phase

The planting phase consists of two processes. Depending on the layout of the land, one or both processes can be implemented.

  1. Seeds can be seeded by hand or with seed basket via tractor.

2. Seedlings are taken to the land for plant prepping (cutting off all unwanted roots) and then planted by hand into the ground.

We ensure that all workers and equipment used in this process are sanitized, cleaned, and ready for the activity.

growing phase

This is a patiently waiting and praying phase as we wait to see that the seedlings grow strong with-standing the wind and dry periods. After one year the young plant will be trimmed/cut which allows the plant to grow to its full potential. The plant will be fully grown in two years. The rooibos root goes deep into the soil soaking up all nutrients and goodness from the ground. The root of the rooibos can go as deep as 3m into the ground looking for water in the dry periods, thus enabling the plant to produce for up to 6 years.

harvest phase

This is process is done via hand. It is very important that we ensure that the person doing the cutting of the bush is adequately trained on how and where to cut. The main reason for this is to ensure that the bush is not hindered if cut too short. After the cutting process, the bushes are loaded onto a vehicle and taken for processing.

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